IMS EJ Alt Bracket


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IMS EJ Alt Bracket for alternator relocationFor those who have or want to have rotated intake manifolds on EJxx engines, the factory arrangement of the AC compressor and alternator is something that has to be addressed immediately. Currently limited solutions which forces the factory AC / Alt mount to be modified to allow alternator relocation, though it still leaves it in a less than ideal position.


IMS EJ Alt BracketThe IMS EJ Alt Mount eliminates the OEM bracket and utilizes the same pickup points while moving the alternator lower and farther off center leaving more space for other components.

The entire frame is machined out of 6061-T651 and welded before being anodized. The kit comes complete with hardware, an additional belt idler and a new serpentine belt. It is also available as the frame only to complement an existing relocation kit.

Estimated availability Q1 2018


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