SCCH MkII / MkIII Bumpsteer Elimination Kit




SCCH MKII Bumpsteer kit with spherical tierods While lowering your car is good for looks and helps the overall center of gravity it adversely effects the suspension geometry and increases the cars “Bump Steer”, causing the car to be more un-stable through corners and on rough roads and curbing. This adverse handeling trait can be corrected with the SCCH VW MKII / MKIII Bumpsteer kit with Spherical outer tierods.

SCCH has developed this Bump steer elimination kit that re-locates the outer tie-rods and replaces them with spherical rod ends which can reduce or eliminate bumpsteer on cars with extended ball joints or the SCCH Spherical Drop Pin Kit.



NOTE:When calculating bump steer it is best to measure it with a bump steer gauge,for the correct spacer relocation.If this is not available SCCH will provide you with a standard spacers in the kit.(.500″)

Due to varying inner tie rod length’s required, SCCH MKII Bumpsteer kits are provided at the high end of length required and can require the end user to shorten them up to 3/4 depending on the application.

Although not required these are an excellent addition to the SCCH MKII Spherical ball joint kits

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 16 in