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Revised SCCH MKI and MKII parts.

In a never ending cycle of improving proven parts we have no revised and improved the SCCH Spherical balljoint’s with roll center correction as well as the sister parts, the SCCH Bump steer correction kit’s for the MKI and MKII VW’s.

We started with revising the base plates and machining them from a single solid piece of steel in lue of the two piece design which not only greatly increases strength, also brings much tighter consistency from piece to piece.


Following that the safety spacers and bump spacer on both Roll center and Bumpsteer kit’s were replaced with stainless steel parts eliminate any possibility of corrosion as the counterparts were susceptible to the plating becoming chipped when being torqued into place.

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More Subaru part development

For those who have or want to have rotated intake manifolds on EJxx engines, the factory arrangement of the AC compressor and alternator is something that has to be addressed immediately. Currently limited solutions which forces the factory AC / Alt mount to be modified, though it still leaves it in a less than ideal position.

The IMS EJ Alt Mount eliminates the OEM bracket and utilizes the same pickup points while moving the alternator lower and farther off center leaving more space for other components.

The entire frame is machined out of 6061-T651 and welded before being anodized. The frame is available alone or complete with hardware, an additional belt idler and a new serpentine belt here.

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GD Subaru and MK1 VW parts added

Couple of parts that have been in the pipeline were recently added.

Anyone who has mounted a seat to the floorpan of a GD Subaru has had to come up with a solution to drop the steering column so its not level with their face. GD Subaru column spacer is available here

We have also added a GD chassis rear window frame to allow a body mounted fixed rear window allowing liberal gutting of the rear doors. They come as a kit that must be assembled before installed and do not include the lexan and are available here

And lastly, a new MK1 spherical shifter in what should be its final revision. They are currently being tested and all orders will be treated as a pre-buy, though I expect to have a final word in a week. They are available here.

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A late but productive start to the season

This season has taken a little longer to kick off due to another addition to our family. However on the first full weekend the Subaru managed to set new personal bests and remained quick enough to grab 2nd place in Comscc’s time trial running NHMS North / South chicane config.

Over the winter the goals were to reduce as much weight as possible while laying the frame work for an improved powerplant and its necessary accessories. Ideally this engine will last this season and beyond leaving the winter months to tackle that without the pressure of trying to make it to events.



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